Acharya Coaching's Active Learning Methodology


Acharya Coaching's active learning model is designed to address the shortcomings of passive learning models and is centered around the idea of successive learning, beginning with conceptual clarity and culminating in systematic practice for competitive examination success. This active learning methodology empowers each student to explore, improve, and perform to their full potential.

Key Milestones

Initial Exposure

Students enter the program with no prior information or preparedness on the subject. Pre-class orientation is not a focus at this stage.

Conceptual Learning

In-class learning begins, addressing the gaps in students' conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities. Emphasis is on syllabus coverage and group-based teaching.

Assessing Progress

Students undergo chapter/topic tests, which may reveal areas of weakness. Proper preparation is lacking, impacting confidence levels.

Practice and Reinforcement

Students engage in structured and concept-based practice to reinforce their learning. Mandatory assignments and problem sheets are provided.


Students are adequately prepared for final examinations. A clear revision plan is followed to reduce stress and ensure high-performance standards.

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